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2395 York Road #15, Suite 200
Jamison, PA 18929


GastroMIND is a comprehensive network of gastroenterology experts and trusted business partners. We are organized with the purpose of consolidating the strategic thinking, analytical rigor and creativity of the pharmaceutical industry’s most gastro-centric professionals. Our primary goal is to help our clients add value to their assets. We enable better business decisions.


Scientific Communications

"Research is not done until it is published."

Gap Analysis-where do you stand versus scientific communication from your competitor?

• GastroMIND will review all nonclinical and clinical data

• We will review all competitive publications and help you fill in the gaps

Strategic publication planning

We support you to:

  • Develop a plan to communicate strategically for effect
  • Strategically target journals for manuscript submission [Phases I,II,III]

We consider Impact factors, acceptance rates and timing. Ensure adherence to all guidelines including GPP2 and CONSORT.

GastroMIND medical writers have proven abilities to create published material to support your key messages.

Corporate Communications

We Assist you to:

  • Develop a communication plan for effective media relations
  • Implement a plan to define your company and the value of your asset
  • Seemlessly align corporate communications with scientific communications.
  • Harmonize all external communications to express the same key messages
  • Create impactful corporate presentations
  • Develop and utilize press releases strategically to optimize value
  • Craft Q & A  for media events and crisis management situations  
  • Prepare your team by media training to improve external communications.

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