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2395 York Road #15, Suite 200
Jamison, PA 18929


GastroMIND is a comprehensive network of gastroenterology experts and trusted business partners. We are organized with the purpose of consolidating the strategic thinking, analytical rigor and creativity of the pharmaceutical industry’s most gastro-centric professionals. Our primary goal is to help our clients add value to their assets. We enable better business decisions.

About Us

Why GastroMIND?


Experience Brings Insight

Our experience gives us the ability to appreciate the relevance of new information—the relationships between individual pieces of new information and how that relationship impacts your assets. GastroMIND offers cost effective access to gastroenterology expertise.

GastroMIND has unique qualifications and capabilities in Gastroenterology. We offer broad experience in virtually all subsets of Gastroenterology. We understand your challenges and bring the best resources to bear on your project.


Joseph Sanger RPh,
MBA (Healthcare Administration)


Our Managing Director, Joseph Sanger Rph. MBA, (Healthcare Administration) has over 25 years of commercial experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked on and led both US and global Gastroenterology teams at Schering Plough, Glaxo and Johnson & Johnson.


Rebecca Cooper, MA

Our Vice President of Operations, Rebecca Cooper MA, has over 10 years of industry experience including international medical and emergency case management, in addition to extensive project management for strategic planning.

Since 2005, GastroMIND has successfully completed numerous assignments for both the leading and emerging companies in the domestic and global pharmaceutical industry. We have assembled a talented group of professionals with years of industry knowledge and business acumen. We deliver cost effective solutions.


You have good science. Let us provide the commercial perspective.

We add value to your GI assets by:

  • Substantiating the unmet needs of your product.
  • Assisting you in identifying the key issues in commercialization that can often be addressed through adjustments in the clinical development plan.
  • Establishing the commercial strategy as early in development as possible.
  • Incorporating payer perspectives into the development process.

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